Woodlot Companions

We are a family of six that lives in the Ohio countryside on a 7 acre mini farm. We enjoy our horses, chickens, dogs, and a stocked pond in the backyard that is bordered with trees.

Our love for puppies and dog breeding started in 2010. We have since expanded into a more professional breeding program, and we love and interact with our dogs everyday. They are a big part of our life and we would be delighted to share our puppies with you.

In 2018 we built a new house to better accommodate our dogs. We wanted to give our dogs the best possible living environment above and beyond the state or USDA requirements. Our dogs are not kept in wire kennel cages -- they live on solid surface, radiant heated flooring, in well ventilated living quarters that have a access door allowing them to an outside play area. We also have a two-acre area where they can run, rump, and play, getting plenty of exercise and the enjoyment of the great outdoors.