16-19 inches tall and 55 pounds or less in weight.


Mini Sheepadoodles have furry coats that can be straight or curly, which requires regular grooming and trimming them when necessary. Their shedding is very minimal, due to the fact that Sheepdogs do not shed much, and Poodles do not shed at all.



Well-behaved, good with families.


Mini Sheepadoodles are calm, playful dogs. They are intelligent, quiet and well-behaved, and are expecially good with people, children, and other pets.



While Mini Sheepadoodles are generally healthy, they can experience issues like hip dysplasia, ear infection, etc.


These intelligent pups can pick up training easily. They should be introduced to grooming at a young age to get them used to body contact.



These toy-lover dogs love to play and can stay active all day, which could be a part of their exercise, if kept unleashed even inside small enclosed spaces, although taking them to regular walk is also important.