Siberian Huskies weigh between 35-60 lb. and stand about 20-23” tall.


This breed has a gorgeous coat that often reminds people of their wolf ancestors. Their fur is thick, medium-length, and has a double coat. They tend to shed, particularly in spring and fall.



Siberian Huskies were bred to pull sleds across frozen surfaces, so this breed is highly athletic and a pack animal.


They are affectionate and very kid and family friendly. These pups are curious and when left off-leash, tend to explore and roam.



Groom often during shedding seasons. A thorough brushing once a week should be enough to manage heavy shedding. Be sure to give your Husky plenty of exercise every day.


Huskies are intelligent, but can go either way with obedience training. Some huskies are easily trained, while others prefer to do their own thing.



This breed loves to run. Long walks, hikes, bike rides are excellent for the Siberian Husky. As they were bred to pull, Huskies can be trained to pull bikes, sleds, or carts.